uncooked, unprocessed foods for more nutritional content, cannot reach a temperature over 115° 


gluten, a protein found in wheat and related grains, like rye and barley will not be found in our treats 


all vegetables, fruits and seeds, please, animal-free products only, nuts, roots, plant oils and spices, yes 

Paige Common                                                                Owner, Creator, Chef, Educator

Detroit born and bred, soulful living inspires this gal: healthy diets, hearty laughter and active lifestyle. Paige started preparing vegan foods in her Portland communal home giving life to Eatin' Alive in 2010. 

You can find Paige in the kitchen most days; Paige spends her time experimenting with new ingredients, surfing the coast and practicing yoga.  

Paige is available for catering events, speaking engagements and teaching classes.


Eatin' Alive                                                                   Raw Since 2010                                                                       

A raw, vegan and gluten-free company inspired by healthy options for families in Portland, OR. Eatin' Alive specializes in grab-and-go, wholesale and distributes to grocers, markets and boutique restaurants. Eatin' Alive hopes to inspire families to rethink their definition of nutrition.

Eatin' Alive is available for retreats, events and classes.